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Can Local, Urban Agriculture Scale? Hydroponic Farming Operation Urban Till Says, ‘Yes’

Sustainable growing methods are part of the very fiber of Urban Till’s operations, but the Chicago-based hydroponics farm isn’t an outgrowth of the organic food movement. In fact, it actually has roots in the traditional food industry. Founder Brock Leach comes from a background in food distribution. Before starting Urban Till with his friend, hydroponics […]

Can Cities Feed Themselves? A Look at Urban Farming in 5 Major American Urban Centers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that urban agriculture—the practice of cultivating and distributing food in population-dense areas—is all the rage. As Americans learn more about our food system and how it affects our health and the environment, many city-dwellers are looking for alternatives to pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables, GMOs and CAFOs. […]