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Grow Local OC Conference Delves into the Future of Urban Food Systems in Orange County and Beyond

On Nov. 10-11 hundreds of attendees from across Southern California and beyond showed up for the inaugural Grow Local OC Conference: The Future of Urban Food Systems held Nov. 10-11 in Orange County, CA at California State University, Fullerton to learn more about the community and economic development potential of fostering local food systems in cities. The conference attendees were […]

A Hydroponic Twist on the Family Farm

Quickley Produce Farm represents a modern take on the family farm. It’s not a farm that has been passed down from one generation to the next, but rather a newly formed high-tech hydroponic farming operation run by four generations of family members. Located in Galena, Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks, the farm, which officially […]

Community College Hort Professor Prepares Students to Work in Indoor Greenhouses of the Future

When it comes to Controlled Environment Agriculture [CEA], Valerie Loew wants the U.S. to catch up with Europe and China before it’s too late. “The rest of the world is so far ahead of us, because they are so limited with their own resources,” says Loew, who is professor and horticulture department head at Fullerton […]

Hydroponic Farm in Alabama Finds Success with Focus on Health and Local Food Demand

Rod Palmer of Owls Hollow Farm in Gadsen, Alabama, wants people to think a little more about what they’re eating. If they continue to eat the same processed foods that have led to an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, then they shouldn’t be surprised if their health isn’t improving. If they continue to buy expensive […]

10 Educational Programs Helping to Support the Growth of Indoor Agriculture

The global indoor agriculture market is expected to grow to more than $27 billion by 2020, fueled by consumer demand for fresh, local produce, a growing population, an ability to produce food in otherwise unfarmable locations, and heavy investment. But that growth is all speculation unless there are actually growers to grow the food and fill those […]

Garden Education Org Uses Aquaponics to Grow Future Leaders

A middle school in Tulsa, Oklahoma is now home to an aquaponics system. The endeavor comes courtesy of nonprofit Global Gardens, which sees garden education as a way to not only help students in low-income communities become more knowledgeable about science, health and the environment, but also to become more confident and forward-thinking leaders. Aquaponics […]

An Indoor Farm and Urban Ag Center in the Middle of a Food Desert – Q&A with Duron Chavis

In the economically depressed and food insecure City of Petersburg, VA, a former YMCA building long neglected, but not forgotten, has become a beacon of growing hope in the community. Over the past two years the building has been refurbished and transformed into a high tech indoor farm and urban agriculture research center to provide […]

Community College in Southwest Embraces Aquaponics to Grow Farmers of the Future

With the embrace of aquaponics growing in tow with the urban agriculture sector, Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico wants to stay ahead of the curve and insure that its students are positioned to become the farmers of the future. “The aquaponics industry is growing—10 years ago no one had heard of aquaponics and hydroponics—now […]

Aquaponics Startup Serves Up Rainbow Trout with Side of Veggies

Selling seafood in New England has never been a problem. But with local fish populations collapsing, and the appetite for seafood remaining the same, providing fish to sell is becoming more dire than most people may realize. “Living in New England, we are assailed with seafood left and right—it is a humongous part of the […]