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Solutions Farms Combats Family Homelessness with Aquaponics Training in Vista, CA

In addressing homelessness with an aquaponics training program, Solutions Farms provides an opportunity for families to regain not only their financial footing and place in the community, but also their security and happiness. Solution Farms is a program that was created by Solutions for Change, a Vista, California-based nonprofit established in 1999 to address local […]

Fish Atop a City Rooftop in Brooklyn Power Farming Startup

On top of a former Pfizer building in Downtown Brooklyn fish and produce grow together in a symbiotic system. The rooftop venture VertiCulture Farms, established in 2012, is an indoor aquaponic farm that offers fresh produce and fish to the surrounding area through several sales channels. The founders hope their rooftop farm model will illustrate […]

SF Restaurant Slings Aquaponic Fare Along with a Hefty Helping of Sustainability

Established restaurateurs Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint have a penchant for accountability in the food industry. Their latest offering, The Perennial, is set to open this spring. It will provide tech district office workers with a lesson in sustainability as well as a locally grown lunch. “It’s really important to us that our restaurants are […]

Finding Your Roots in Water: Aquaponics Association Conference Set for September in San Jose

Aquaponic-philes everywhere can look forward to three days of tours, trips and technical know-how at the September conference of the Aquaponics Association. This year’s conference will be held in San Jose, CA and runs from September 12 -13. The conference plays a significant role in normalizing and promoting what could be the future of American farming.  […]

Austin, Texas Aquaponics Farm Ramps Up with Modular Shipping Container System

Jack Waite, founder of Agua Dulce Farm in Austin, Texas, is truly is a jack-of-all-trades. By combining his varied background in accounting, engineering, botany and nonprofit management, he has realized his dream of running an aquaponics farm. In recent weeks, this interesting startup reached full operational capacity. Along the way, the farm’s journey has been […]

Firm Looks to Build an Aquaponics Culture in the Desert Through STEM Education

Beginning an aquaponics education and consulting business in the arid climate that is Arizona is not for everyone. It requires experience in engineering, science, botany and business, not to mention decades of research into aquaculture. Fortunately, George B. Brooks, Jr., Ph.D. and James T. Hicks, founders of RighTrac Inc., a Phoenix based aquaponic-consulting firm offering […]

Startup Creates Desktop-size Aquaponic Ecosystem to Elevate Awareness of Farming Method

With almost a decade’s worth of aquarium design, filtering technique and fish tank science under their belts, Eric Suen and Kevin Liang, co-founders of Aqua Design Innovations, feel confident they have the experience, knowledge and vision to offer a sustainable aquarium that utilizes aquaponic growing techniques at an affordable price. Their product, the EcoQube, is […]

Missouri Couple Transforms Turn-of-century Farm into Aquaponics Enterprise

Success has come fast for Beverly and Dave McConnell of Utterback Farms in Middletown, Missouri. Almost overnight, the couple has established an aquaponic farm and are just months away from making a profit. The McConnells inherited the farm, which was established at the turn of the last century, from Beverly McConnell’s parents. It was Beverly’s […]

Five-acre Aquaponic Farm in Florida Finds Market for High-end Greens

Ryan Chatterson has figured out that special combination of skills needed by today’s aspiring aquaponic farmer: the ability to grow and the ability to market. Chatterson began his five-acre Florida-based aquaponics farm, Chatterson Farms, to feed his family and community with nutritious produce he calls “better than organic.” “We follow organic standards but use no pesticides […]