AVF summit 2017 in Washington DC to Focus on Policy Challenges for Vertical Farming

News Release — Washington DC — The Association of Vertical Farming (AVF) is pleased to  announce the annual AVF Summit event to engage policymakers, industry experts, institutions, entrepreneurs and scientists to offer expert opinions and to provide a dynamic discussion platform. The Vertical Farming sector in agriculture is in a nascent state of development. While in Japan, the division has developed beyond this stage and claims a serious market share today in comparison to the US and the EU.

The challenges are the new-to-be-built business models, how to penetrate markets and support informed consumers. As with any pioneer period, things are hazy and unclear – food safety, high tech, novel food production, science, innovation,new architecture must all be considered as important components of the global trend. In an industry that has had the track record to be unattractive to young people for many many years, Vertical Farming has the power to to help transform the existing food supply chains by attracting young, informed and  tech savvy future farmers, that disrupt with innovation and bold risk taking.  

These changemakers need supportive policies to pave the way for mainstream adoption and market entrance. The upcoming US Farm Bill provides an opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions in policy such as novel new food production systems in commercial and residential zoning, tax incentives for efficient food production in suburban spaces, adopting the “rural” agricultural development clause into metropolitan spaces – to name a few of the crucial issues before us.

We invite you to come and to engage with policymakers, to discuss policies that will influence future legislation, and let innovation succeed in agriculture.  The AVF and its partners are pleased to announce the following speakers at the upcoming Summit:

Keynote: Sonny Ramaswamy NIFA

Bob Van Heuvelen VH STRATEGIES

Wim Grootscholten RIJK ZWAAN (TBC)

Roberta Andersen GLOBAL GAP

Gertjan Meeuvens HERE THERE AND         


Eric Ijtema CERTHON

Charles Wilson WORLD FOOD PRESERVATION        

Henry Van Gameren PRIVA

Paula Gonzalez PMA (TBC)

For more information and participation, register here. SPACE IS LIMITED

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